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SVP Boston Holiday Fundraiser

To all those who supported, attended this year’s SVPB Holiday Fundraiser Event on Monday, December 4th, we thank you for the generosity and camaraderie you brought to the gathering at PwC in Boston! We hope you had an enjoyable time, as we did, with two full hours dedicated to celebrating the SVP Boston community of friends, partners, grantees, donors and guests. Your backing for our diverse initiatives throughout the year, such as this year-end Fundraiser Celebration, helps us drive the measurable positive impact we have on socially innovative ventures throughout Greater Boston. Your participation in—and ongoing championing of—these programs allows SVP Boston to continue as a social impact organization, equipped to implement more pioneering ideas, bolster many new ventures in the year that lies ahead.

To shed more light on this Holiday Fundraiser Event, we share below an excerpted message from SVP Boston CEO and President, Jason Williams’ address on December 4th. His words underscore the organization’s vision, mission and commitment, and commemorate SVPB's role in over two decades of hands-on involvement, strengthened by its alliances with local partners, patrons, leaders and experts, boosting multifarious social impact ventures to new levels through effective grant-making and other inventive approaches:

The solutions to these shared challenges lie within the power of our collaboration.

"Building upon these 20 years of success, earlier this year, we determined that our Social Impact Priority Framework moving forward will be to address Economic Mobility, with a foundation in racial equity, through our grants, pro-bono consulting, convening, and collaboration with emerging, innovative nonprofit organizations across Greater Boston working to achieve systemic impact in the targeted areas of food security, housing access, and education and workforce preparedness.

The holiday season is a wonderful time to reflect on the power of community and to appreciate the connections that make life richer and more meaningful. Here, in our own community, we have the power to be architects of bridges, connecting common values and shared commitment to build a lasting foundation of support for these social issues impacting our fellow neighbors.

Alone, our impact may be limited, but together, we know we can create lasting change. We stand at a crossroads, facing challenges that demand our collective strength and determination. The solutions to these shared challenges lie within the power of our collaboration. That’s why we’ve deemed 2024 our “Year of Collective Action.” Collective action is more than just a concept; it’s a force that amplifies our impact."

— Jason Williams

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