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Our Grantees

We run a singular annual grant cycle, with a focus on emerging nonprofits (<$1M budget) that are BIPOC-led, including senior staff and board composition and fit in with our Social Impact Priority Framework.

Our grantmaking starts with an incredibly rigorous multi-month selection process, where we look for organizations that are at an exciting inflection point, whose leaders are not afraid of taking risks, and who are ready and eager to grow. At each stage of our cycle, we work with applicants to understand which organizations are best fit for an SVP engagement, diving into programming, financials, and more.

Once selected, we work with selected grantees for up to 3 years, putting together a core consulting team that tackles projects ranging from strategic planning, to staffing and human resources, governance issues, financial planning, and more. Throughout our engagement, we pitch in on smaller projects as they come up, bringing in partners who have the relevant expertise to support on immediate needs. We also connect the nonprofits across our portfolio, building a community of dynamic leaders creating lasting change in Boston.

Our Current Grantees

bikes not bombs2.png

Bikes Not Bombs uses the bicycle as a vehicle for social change to achieve economic mobility for Black and other marginalized people in Boston and the Global South.

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The Calculus Project (TCP) increases the representation, performance and success of Black, Hispanic, Indigenous People of Color and low-income students in honors and advanced math classes. According to the Education Recovery Scorecard, 26% of 8th graders are proficient in math. And because of the pandemic, the average U.S. public school student in grades 3-8 lost theequivalent of a half year of learning in math and a quarter of a year in reading. 


Breaktime’s mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by equipping young adults with the job and financial security they need to establish housing security.

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Flare Education is a nonprofit focused on high school workforce development. They prepare the next generation of diverse leaders for wealth-building jobs through 100+ hours of professional training, bimonthly mentor-mentee meetings, networking events, field trips, capstone projects, and summer internships. They also build direct career pathways for in- need students by facilitating their advancement post-internship into part-time jobs and matching alumni with opportunities at partner companies. 


Science Club for Girls' mission is to foster excitement, confidence, and literacy in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for girls and gender-expansive youth from underrepresented communities by providing free, experiential programs and by maximizing meaningful interactions with women-in-STEM mentors.

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GenUnity brings everyday residents together across difference to build community and
drive change on the issues that matter most to them. GenUnity offers issue-focused community leadership programs that convene "proximate experts" who experience the
issue and "siloed experts" working in institutions to address them. Upon completing the program, members join a Lifetime Community of Practice (LCOP) where they build deep peer-to-peer connections and collaborate on their action plans. 

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The Anaya Tipnis Foundation (ATF) is deeply committed to the ethos of “leveling the playing field” in post-secondary education for first generation, low-income students. ATF empowers low-income, first- generation youth to complete college by providing wraparound financial, emotional, and skills support.

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He Is Me (HIM) is fortifying the foundation on which its He Is Me Fellowship is built by strengthening relationships with current partners and developing new ones. HIM, in partnership with educational institutions, is creating local pathways into teaching for Black men, then supporting their Fellows from their recruitment through training, job placement, and career-long Black male-focused professional development, into retirement. 

Current and Alumni Grantees
by Social Priority

Fruits and Nuts

Food Security

  • About Fresh

  • Food For Free

  • The Food Project

Townhouse Exteriors

Housing Access

  • Breaktime

  • CASA Boston

  • Project Place

Colorful Books

Education and Workforce Preparedness

  • He is Me

  • GenUnity

  • Anaya Tipnis Foundation

  • Calculus Project

  • Flare Education

  • Leadership Brainery

  • Strategies For Youth

  • Bikes Not Bombs

  • Science Club For Girls

  • Generation Citizen

  • Veterans Legal Services

  • Fathers' Uplift

  • Trinity Boston Connects

  • Enroot

  • Union Capital Boston

  • My Life My Choice

  • Families First

  • Silver Lining Mentoring

  • The Phoenix Charter Academy Network

  • LIFT-Boston

  • Raising A Reader 

  • More Than Words

  • InnerCity Weightlifting

  • Clarence Edwards Middle School

  • Compass Working Capital

  • Bottom Line

  • Boston Debate League

  • Artists For Humanity

  • 826 Boston

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