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Empowering Boston Area Nonprofits Supporting Local Communities
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Social Venture Partners Boston is a partner-led, venture philanthropy 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on supporting Boston-area nonprofits that fit into our Social Impact Priority Framework to grow and scale.

What is venture philanthropy?

Venture philanthropy applies aspects of venture capital investing in the nonprofit sector. When a venture capital firm invests in a for-profit entity, they combine cash investments with strategic support over a multi-year period in order for their investees to grow and scale their businesses. Venture philanthropy works same way, except the focus is on growing and scaling nonprofit organizations.  

How do we perform venture philanthropy?

SVP supports a portfolio of early-stage local nonprofits (our grantees) through a combination of unrestricted grants to fund operations and pro bono consulting to tackle projects to accelerate scaling their programs. We believe that every nonprofit has the potential to create a positive impact in our community. Our team of experienced partners provide a range of support services to help our grantees achieve their goals. From forecasting to marketing to strategic planning, we help our grantees build sustainable and effective organizations.

Our Social Impact Priority Framework


We focus on enhancing individual and organizational abilities to improve the economic status for current and future generations, with a focus on closing the racial wealth gap in the following areas:

Fruits and Nuts
Townhouse Exteriors

Addressing food insecurity by providing consistent access to healthy food, thereby enabling individuals and families to live an active, healthy life

Addressing housing insecurity by enabling resources and access to safe, affordable, and secure housing for individuals and families


Providing access to high quality education at all academic levels, in a fair and inclusive manner, enabling students to gain knowledge, skills, experience and connections to pursue meaningful and lucrative careers

Here's a brief video about what we do, and how you can be a part of it, too!

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