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Our Spring Partner Education Forum

Our recent spring Partner Education Forum, focused on the Social Impact of Workforce Preparedness, brought together an inspiring group of partners, grantees, and community leaders, showcasing the profound impact of our collective efforts.

The forum highlighted the achievements of our alumni and current grantees, providing an invaluable platform for education and connection among partners and the broader philanthropic community. Special thanks go to our lead event sponsor, Eastern Bank Foundation; event sponsor, the Red Sox Foundation; and our host, Holland & Knight LLP, whose generous support made this gathering possible.

We were honored to have Dr. Aisha Francis, Franklin Cummings Tech’s President & CEO, as our special guest, alongside leaders from our newest grantee organizations: Anaya Tipnis Foundation, The Calculus Project, Flare Education, GenUnity, and He Is Me Institute. Additionally, leaders from our alumni and current grantees – Boston Debate League, Trinity Boston Connects, and Breaktime – graciously participated, ensuring an engaging and impactful evening.

SVP Boston has been a catalyst for lasting change in our community through partner-led venture philanthropy for nearly 22 years. This event underscored the power of collective action driven by shared values and lived experiences. Our partners, each bringing unique backgrounds, skills, and means, are united by a commitment to meaningful change.

The discussions went beyond philanthropy to delve into the heart of it, emphasizing the importance of learning from those whose personal leadership and missions are deeply rooted in lived experiences. The evening reinforced that effective action should always stem from the firsthand wisdom of our communities.

As we pursue lasting change, it is vital to draw inspiration and insights from our grantees and community partners. Their stories and perspectives are more than narratives; they are roadmaps for transformative philanthropy. The discussions reaffirmed that our charitable giving and volunteerism should always be guided by a deep respect for and understanding of the lived realities of those we aim to serve.

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